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(On-Demand recordings available) Ask Me Anything: Go-To-Market with Microsoft Resources and Offers Deep Dive

Watch the April 21 event recording on-demand below and donwload the presentation PDF attached!


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Join us to learn how to co-market with Microsoft and build strong a go-to-market strategy—a benefit available to all Microsoft Partners. Our end-to-end global programs are designed to accelerate lead generation and cloud customer acquisition at scale. We’ll provide practical, step-by-step guidance on how you can build pipeline with custom content and digital marketing campaigns, account-based marketing tactics, and intelligent lead generation. Market smarter and faster with rich resources and tools, from digital marketing platforms and personalized consultation to guidance and customizable marketing assets, you’ll find tools designed to help you at any stage of your marketing journey.



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Cydney Hoffnagle is a WW Digital Go-To-Market lead at Microsoft, focusing on helping partners drive digital transformation at scale through valuable resources and tools. She is passionate about creating unified experiences, innovative solutions, and collaborating with business owners to land and maximize marketing activities. 





Jordan Helling, joined Microsoft in 2013 leading event strategy for Microsoft Windows commercial and gaming events from there she moved into a variety of digital marketing roles within the Enterprise Partner Group and Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing. Today, Jordan leads global operations for the Go-To-Market with Microsoft Desk the team of Marketing Specialists that support partners with the completion of their Go-To-Market offers included with their partnership with Microsoft. The desk has 6 delivery centers across the globe, supporting 10 languages; enabling partners to grow their cloud business through marketing services and technology.




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