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Ask Me Anything: Post-Inspire

This months Ask Me Anything will be a bit different than our normal structure! We are in the week after Inspire, and we have chosen to feature a few partners who attended. Ask them questions about Inspire in general, their experience, or about the businesses that they're a part of. 

Check out out partner(s) below!

Dunia head shot_.jpg1. For 25 years the world’s premier brands have come to Gage for marketing technology, platforms and a full range of marketing services to help clients grow sales, profits and market share. Our work spurs consumers, customers and channel partners to take action for some of the world’s best-known brands, including 3M, Microsoft, Skype, Walmart, Norwegian Cruise Line and Thomson Reuters. https://www.gage.com/ At Inspire last week I had hope to make connections with both partners and Microsoft employees to start new relationships and deepen existing ones. My expectations were exceeded on first day and for the entire week. The conference was exceptional for making those connections. I will be back next year! 


sharon picture.jpg2. Microsoft has been encouraging partners to start building their own IP and playing an important role in their customers’ digital transformation journey. Choosing a right Application Development Platform to efficiently build and replicate the applications is critical! Check out www.agilepoint.com to understand why digital transformation is not as difficult and your way of becoming an ISV is not so costly.

As a Channel Business Development and Alliance person, Inspire is the event I will not miss. This is a great platform for us to meet and network with our Partner fellows and Microsoft teams IN PERSON! Besides Sessions, there are couple of activities I would like to highlight: Corenote, WIT Luncheon, Microsoft Executive Roundtable Discussion, and First Time Attendees (FTA) Mentorship Program. It is a super busy and exciting week! I always came home with full of energies and ideas after attending Inspire!! Do you want to know my secret sauce? Ask me!!  #MyInspire #AgentofChange #Mentorship


This months AMA topic will be “Post-Inspire Partner Feature”. Start asking questions July 25th through July 26th. Your questions will be answered on Friday, July 27th! Top Kudo'd questions will be answered first. 

'See' you there!

-MPC Team