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Ask Me Anything: Partner Skills Initiative (Live Event: March 13, 2pm PT)

*Please access the calendar invite and link to the event through the attachment at the very bottom of this post*

If you missed this episode from the Ask Me Anything April Session, check out the video recording down below!




Microsoft SME: Melissa Mulholland, Director - Cloud Profitability, One Commercial Partner


At Microsoft, Melissa is the worldwide lead driving strategy and business development for how businesses can be profitable in the Cloud. Specifically, Melissa is focused enabling partners and customers to accelerate their business transformation in the Cloud delivering increased profitability,efficiency, and scale across Microsoft's Cloud services.



Our mission at Microsoft and in the One Commercial Partner is to help our partners, and their people to achieve more. To help our partners overcome their talent challenges, we’ve created the new Partner Skills Initiative that provides best practices, tools, a simplified, role-based learning center, and ongoing support from Microsoft.

Details to Participate:

To participate in this month's AMA, start asking questions on this thread and tune in for the AMA event on March 13, 2-2:30pm PT

To attend the event, please download the calendar invite below. The invite will contain a Microsoft Teams link which will be used to participate in the event. 

Please start asking questions in the below thread, or be ready to ask questions during the event after the brief presentation.

External resources/articles that support the topic


This new partner Playbook was created to help partners understand how to recruit, hire, develop and retain talent in their cloud practices. It includes best-practices, and templates to improve their retention and recruiting practices, well as research that Microsoft has conducted on practice development and surveys of 735 global partners. 


We’ve created an updated online Partner Training Center that provides a simplified experience that offers new role-based learning paths with curated training recommendations based on technical role, skill level, and solutions being developed. We will be adding new content and updating with key roles such as a Data Scientist, Engineer, and Marketer later this month.

For our partners to prosper within this growing cloud services opportunity, they need to move from traditional practices to those that best align with a new world that requires agility, deep domain expertise, and new capabilities like data science and cloud.

'See' you there!

-MPC Team

*Please access the calendar invite and link to the event through the attachment at the very bottom of this post*

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Thank you, once again, for another great presentation. We are looking forward to number 3!