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Ask Me Anything: Partner Center Insights dashboard (On-Demand recording available)

*If you missed this event, review the recording available below.*

Event description:

In one of the most expected events, you will get a walk through of the reports available in the Insights hub in Partner Center.


Featured speakers:




Catherine Charles is a Program Lead on the Partner Programs & Offers Team in One Commercial Partner.











Shreyas Ganesh is a Lead Program Manager in the Commerce and Ecosystem Team in Microsoft and focuses on building rich analytics experiences for commercial partners in Partner Center.





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Any chance of another event in other time zones...?

Community Manager

Hi @lukejohnson ,


Great question! While this is not planned for current event, we are recording the webinar, so feel free to come back to this post to review the on-demand recording this Thursday.
If you have follow-up questions, you can drop them here: https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/Feedback-Support-Discussions/bd-p/partner_support_feedback_db





Community Manager

Hi @ChristianFUMEY ,


Wonderful, thank you for this information and glad to hear you are a Microsoft Alumni!
Don`t worry about language. Can you share an outstanding question to be answered during the event?

Or is this the one: https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/Partner-Program-Discussions/Where-to-find-active-usage-metrics-for-CPOR/m-p/26546#M144




Level 5 Contributor

Hi @Andra,


This CPOR question is the most important one, as the ROI with Incentives and CPOR is easy to demonstrate when you can get the right data.


My other questions and asks for enhancements in exports are:

  • Partner Profile: more details, including at least for each PLA
    • MPA status
    • Primary contact
    • If linked to a CSP tenant, tenant name
  • MPN Benefits 
    • List of used tokens and destination tenant
    • For Azure, assigned user
  • In many Exports with Customer Name like Customer details, Subscriptions details, etc
    • Why the name of TPOR CSP customers is truncated to the 3 first characters?
  • Trainings
    • Not as complete as Skills Report that can be exported from Advanced Specializations
      • 2 examples of my Power BI tool using this Skills Report are attached
      • Why this Skills Report is different than the one found in Competencies (this last one is less complete)
    • Why these 3 different Skills Reports?

That's all for today!


Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center

Hello Christian,


Thanks for the detailed feedback- they are all valid and I am adding my comments below -


1. Partner profile - good feedback to include MPA status, we will add it to our backlog. We will evaluate adding primary contact name and CSP tenant association information and see if it makes sense.


2. MPN Benefits - the raw data export doesn't exist today and it is in our backlog. We can add list of tokens used when we implement it.


3. Customer name truncation - This is by design and is done for TPOR associated customers in certain cases for compliance reasons. The customer tenant id is complete and should help you look up customer details.


4. Trainings - Agreed - the trainings report aims to provide a master list of all the trainings and does not yet map to competency requirements and doesn't cover advanced specializations. It is in the backlog to consolidate these reports in future.


Thanks again for your valuable feedback, really appreciate it.




Level 5 Contributor



I registered to this event, but because my spoken English is poor, I'm not sure I will raise my hand...


To introduce myself, I worked at Microsoft France for 22 years as PTS (Partner PreSales) and left one year ago for health reasons. In this team, I was the historian and the specialist of the many tools used to manage partnership. Now, as an independant worker, I propose to Microsoft partners to coach them in the optimization of the use of Partner Center. I developped some reporting tools using Power BI Desktop based on data that can be found in Partner Center and My Insights. The most important ones are for Incentives.


I check Insights (Beta) in Partner Center, and found many possible enhancements or strange data. I opened many tickets in Partner Center support, but I'm not sure these asks are escalated.


I would be very happy to be able to share with you all that I have identified as needs from the dozens of partners of all sizes that I support.


Here is an example of ask I already did in FY20 https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/Partner-Program-Discussions/Where-to-find-active-usage-metrics-for-CPOR/m-p/26540#M142, and joined is an example of the first lines of my dashboard based on the only usage data I was able to find, for Office 365 (not Microsoft 365) eligible workloads.


Best regards



Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center