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Knowit Azure Cloud Skills Challenge



Competence development through the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge


New opportunities through technology

The cloud offers great advantages with faster innovation, elasticity and scale, strong security, data analytics and the most updated technology.


Getting started with the cloud has become easy – it is only matter of signing up with your credit card. However, leveraging cloud native services to the fullest requires expertise and experience.


In Knowit we advocate continuous training

Continuous training is deeply important to Knowit, and for several years we have run structured cloud training programs for our employees. Microsoft Learn is a site we are familiar with, and it offers videos and labs in addition to articles.


We consider Azure certifications to be an effective way to learn new content, and to fill in gaps in existing skills, says Øyvind Eikeland, CTO at Knowit Amende. We believe that learning should be combined with a good amount of practical experience through labs, pet projects and exploratory work.


About the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge

This year Knowit participated in a Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge. The Microsoft Cloud skills challenge is a gamified competition based on existing online content in Microsoft Learn. Through leaderboards you can follow your colleagues progress and make sure you are making it to the top of the list.


The challenge was tailored by Microsoft specifically to our training goals. We planned together with Cloud Solution Architects from Microsoft, and we agreed on the format and period the challenges would run for. Microsoft ran a kickoff for Knowit with information about the challenge and has been very supportive through the period. Microsoft also provided some swags to give away as prices to the winners – thanks!


This year we have focused on two target audiences:

  1. Employees new to Azure
  2. Developers and Architects that would like to learn more, and document their skills


For those new to Azure, we offered a competition on Azure Business Value and the complete Azure Fundamentals training. For the more experienced developers and architects, we offered several challenges leading to the Azure Administrator Associate Certification, Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification and Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification.


We had Knowit-participants from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Some participants used the challenge as an introduction to Azure, while others sat the exam and earned new certifications after the event. 



Our experience from the challenge was that it is helpful to run a structured approach with tailored training that matched our goals and plans. Gamification makes it more fun, and prizes are always welcomed.


About Knowit

Knowit is a consultancy firm that creates unique customer values by offering digital and cross-functional solutions from three business areas: Experience, Insight and Solutions. Our culture is characterized by openness, understanding of the client’s business, strong specialist competence and a drive to constantly develop. ​


We help you succeed with your digital transformation by maximizing the benefits of the cloud services that your business needs. Knowit is a long-term partner. Together we will build solutions in an agile and continuous way with frequent deliverables and close interaction.


- Øyvind Eikeland, CTO, Knowit


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I got the below mail for teacher's day. I completed the challenge on time and filled the form as well but didn't receive any mail communication or any other feedback regarding voucher. Can you please suggest me in that? Capture.PNG