Microsoft Partner Capital Fund

Microsoft has developed the Partner Fund to help provide working capital to existing Microsoft partners. We invite you to apply for this program as you seek to grow your business.


As a Microsoft partner, we’re committed to your success. Whether you’re seeking to scale your business, improve your Microsoft capability, or put yourself on a more profitable path, this fund is for you. Review the loan information and eligibility requirements in the link below, then fill out the form to nominate your company.


Sign in with your Microsoft Partner Network account and read more/apply here  




There are several phases of review and funding is not guaranteed. Please ensure to be very specific and detailed in your succinct response to your business case for needing capital. It is assessed heavily during the initial phase of the review process. 

Upon completion of the form, the Partner Fund team will contact you to discuss your submission in detail.


Please expect to hear from the Partner Fund team within 3 weeks. The entire application process varies per partner, however the Partner Fund team attempts to complete the process within 6-8 weeks.


If you have questions about this program, please contact the Partner Fund team directly at