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In the Know - Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

With the upcoming Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit launch in early November 2021, we wanted to reach out to you with a couple of new updates.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundraising and Engagement environment is now available in Microsoft Customer Digital Experiences (CDX)

Great news! Fundraising and Engagement is now available in CDX for setting up demos. To get started, simply log in at https://cdx.transform.microsoft.com using your MPN account. From there you can see the Fundraising and Engagement,  Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, and other nonprofit demos.


Get started with FastTrack for Dynamics 365

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is an onboarding program run by the product engineering team that offers best practices, tools, resources, and expert advice. As is a no-cost advisory service that’s delivered in conjunction with a qualified implementation partner, the program is focused on helping customers accelerate Dynamics 365 implementations and go live with confidence.


With the discounts given through the Technology for Social Impact team at Microsoft, many customers haven’t been eligible for partner or Microsoft-led support. Given the momentum gained over the year, and with deal size thresholds at attainable levels, this may no longer be the case.


With the upcoming launch of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits, we are encouraging all launch partners to become FastTrack for Dynamics 365 certified. By taking the FastTrack for Dynamics 365 training and becoming certified, you’ll have access to resources, workshops, and checkpoints, such as solution blueprint and go-live readiness reviews, to accelerate your Dynamics 365 implementations and mitigate risk.


Q) What are the partner qualification requirements to request FastTrack for Dynamics 365?


A) Starting January 1st, 2021 to qualify for FastTrack for Dynamics 365, implementation partners attached to an eligible customer must meet the following requirements:


  1. Partner must have a gold or silver status in the Cloud Business Applications competency
  • Through Customer Engagement option for Customer Engagement applications projects
  • Through Unified Operations option for Unified Operations applications projects
  • Both options must be completed for projects that span both Customer Engagement and Unified Operations.
  1. All assigned project team members (project manager, functional consultant, solution architect) must complete the Success by Design training ahead of project initiation.

Based on the role of the project team members involved, either of the two paths shown below can be taken to complete the training requirement. The knowledge check will need to be completed irrespective of the path chosen.


Below are links to the training options:

To learn more about FastTrack for Dynamics 365 you can visit https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/fasttrack/ and review the FastTrack for Dynamics 365 partners FAQ.


Call to Action

  • Check out the addition of Fundraising and Engagement in CDX.
  • Get trained on FastTrack for Dynamics 365.
Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact