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Dynamics Nonprofit Accelerator – Program Design V2.2.3.1 now in GA

Announcing V2.2.3.1 of the Dynamics Nonprofit Accelerator, now released to General Availability (GA) and publicly available on GitHub.

This release includes the Nonprofit Program Design template application, built for partners to help ensure that nonprofit program and country officers have purpose-built program design and delivery technology available at their fingertips. 

So what does this mean?

  • For nonprofits, the Program Design application will decrease the cost of program implementation, increase the chance of adoption, improve efficiency of operations and reporting, increase data transparency and accelerate program impact and learning.
  • For ISV partners, the application will decrease the cost of developing finished program design and delivery applications and improve interoperability of application and analytics solutions. 
  • For SI Partners, this solution accelerator will decrease the burden of customizing end-to-end program design and delivery solutions.

Visit GitHub for the full release or contact Erin McHugh Saif, Global Lead, Product Development at erin.mchugh@microsoft.com to learn more