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Dynamics 365 Sales and Power Apps Grants coming Dec 1

We are excited to announce that Microsoft will offer new Business Applications grants on December 1, 2020 to all eligible nonprofits. This builds on Microsoft's commitment to the nonprofit sector by enabling adoption and digital transformation through our cloud solutions. The following grants will be available:

  • 5 free seats of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise via CSP and EA.
  • 10 free seats of Power Apps (Per App Plan) via Direct, CSP, and EA.


The CSP SKUs have been added to the December pricelist. Here are the offer IDs to look for:

  • PowerApps Grant in Direct: Offer ID 45397cd0-9cb2-4821-b775-6d1a5fd7b4fa
  • PowerApps Grant in CSP: Offer ID 8d35411e-b7be-42ee-b3de-e7b5d027847f
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Grant in CSP: Offer ID a0c39332-cdc8-4d16-a52d-75a1cdfb93c1

Partner benefits

The partner opportunity is significant as customers seeking the grants will need support. By providing these offers to eligible customers, you have the opportunity to:


  1. Create a revenue stream through implementation and support services.
  2. Promote upsell of additional licenses to grow the customer’s adoption and success.
  3. Reach prospective nonprofit customers and drive increased market demand.
  4. Differentiate yourself from other partners by showing your dedication to the industry.


Customer benefits

These grants will lower the barrier to entry for nonprofits looking to automate and transform processes and drive mission impact through technology. 

The grants also enable the adoption of Fundraising and Engagement, the Nonprofit Operations Toolkit, the Return to Work App, as well as custom app innovation.


Additional resources:

Visitor 1

I added the 10 free Power Apps licenses via CSP to the client's account but they're not showing up under their licenses.


Also, under the CSP portal, the license quantity is marked as "10 Add-On Licenses" - does that mean they have to purchase at least 1 Power Apps per App license in order to see it reflected?


Hi @glenyu ,


I've not heard this first issue from other partners/clients, so if the tenant is definitely tagged as nonprofit then I'd suggest raising a ticket with support using the O365 Admin Portal, or your own service desk provision. Let us know what you hear back though please.

On the second point then the Power Apps per App SKU is listed as NON-SPECIFIC rather than ADDON. As such it requires no initial purchase. Below is a screenshot of the line from CSP price file:



I hope that this helps👍🏼


Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact
Level 1 Contributor

These offer ids do not appear in our December price list.  Was there an issue with these offers this month?


Hi Jason,


Thanks for the update. My understanding is there was a glitch in the offers showing up on the December pricelist, but the offers should be transactable even if they are not showing up. The issue is being remediated. Hopefully this helps!




Hi Kaitlin, the offer is available in all markets. 

Thanks for checking!

Visitor 2

Is this also available for Canadian clients?