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Tune into November 16 #PartnerPulse Tweet Chat, 8am PST

Please join the Microsoft Partner Network for their 2nd Tweet Chat on Thursday, November 16th, 8-9am PST. Please see the discussion questions below and reply to this post with your thoughts.

To join the conversation this Thursday, use the #PartnerPulse hashtag on Twitter, or use the dedicated Tweet Chat site at http://twubs.com/partnerpulse/info

Discussion questions:

  1. With #MSFTConnect happening this week, what #dev tools or opportunities are you most excited to learn about? #PartnerPulse
  2. How do you see intelligent #apps of the future evolving your industry? Have you seen and announcements from #MSFTConnect that you think will have a large impact? #PartnerPulse
    What do you see as a key driver in building #digital societies? #PartnerPulse
  3. To create digital societies, improving workflow and employee experiences is key. What innovations are you seeing in this space? #PartnerPulse
  4. Digital transformation takes digital leadership. What does it mean to be a digital leader today?
  5. Our new podcast series, Include, explores shared experiences in #tech & business. Based on your experience, how can businesses diversify their culture?
  6. @gavriels1 has stated in order to thrive in tech, it's crucial to create a community of mentors & advocates. How has mentorship impacted your career?

Can't make this time? You can always view the discussion by searching #PartnerPulse on Twitter or comment below with follow up questions!


This will be fun! Great knowledge to be shared! 



I'll be there!