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Server hardware upgrade and New Server OS DC


Our Windows Server 2012R2 Essentials Domain Controller hardware needs updating. We have procured a new DELL Server with Windows Server 2022 Std.

While I'm happy to create a new DC from scratch, I am unsure how to clone the Domain Controller Functions on to the new Server while both are on the same subnet. So that the clients will reconnect to the new server without having to leave and rejoin the Domain.

The existing Server 2012R2 has multiple roles and I need to keep the server name the same so that client UNC share paths and printers remain as they currently are.

I can create a stand alone network lab environment for he new Server, but that would detach me from the existing environment so I couldn't clone the DC elements.

Any ideas how to fettle this please?



Jerry Barrett



@UKAquanaut You can reach out to technical Presales & Deployment services team to get guidance on Server2Server migrations: https://aka.ms/technicalservices , and you can ask on the Technical Communities for guidance as well: Windows Server Community (microsoft.com)

This community, and especially the group you posted in is not really focused on technical help.


Also, I think having DC and file server on the same server, and the requirement to keep the old server names and not have the client to rejoin the domain either is not possible, it has to be one of those two.



Kind regards, Janosch (OutOfOffice 8/12/22-9/5/22)
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