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Partner Program Changes Taking Effect October 1


On October 1st, several of Microsoft’s partner inventive programs will undergo updates to both incentive rates, earning opportunities, and how they are categorized. Here, we’ll break down how these changes could potentially impact your business and give you an opportunity to submit specific questions related to these program adjustments. More details about investments and incentives programs are available with a partner login here.



Online Services Usage (OSU)

Previously, Online Services Usage (OSU), was one program. As of October 1st, it will separate into two unique programs: OSU Microsoft 365 and OSU Business Applications. OSU Microsoft 365 will be a new program focusing on rewarding partners for growing usage of M365. OSU Business Applications will bring Dynamics and Power Platform under one roof. The mechanics of the two programs are distinctly different.


Dynamics Pre-Sales Advisory Incentives

As of October 1st a new umbrella of incentives called “Dynamics Pre-Sales Advisory” will launch encompassing both OSA Sell and CSA. This new overarching program will offer Pre-Sale incentives for partners who are focused on driving Dynamics On-Prem and Dynamics 365.


Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft is making several changes to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) incentive program for the benefit of partners.  Strategic product accelerator rates and rates for three new customer addition (“customer add”) levers will increase. Direct Bill partners and Indirect Providers will receive incentives for a select set of third-party offerings.  


Microsoft Commerce Incentives

Microsoft continues to streamline and improve the Azure customer purchasing experience.  In March we introduced the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) with a comprehensive offer catalog, simplified pricing engine and improved purchasing, billing and management experience. In October, the customer-led motion launches. In both motions, field and customer-led, our partners are rewarded for driving Azure consumption.  In November MCI partner-led will launch to reward partners for enabling and driving Azure consumption in the new commerce experience.


Enterprise Incentives

Microsoft offers earning opportunities for partners in key solution and growth areas. In FY20 Partners will continue to be rewarded for driving cloud transformation and growth with increased incentive opportunity for sales of M365 E5 suites and removal of incentives for any Modern Workplace on-prem offerings newly added to a customer’s Enterprise Agreement. In addition to the continued focus on cloud and growth, Microsoft is also simplifying the program. October 1st there will no longer be any time-based requirement to earn against Renewal or True-Up revenue.


If you have specific questions about these program changes, or how they will impact your business, please submit them as replies to this thread. Our community team will field your questions to ensure they’re answered in a prompt manner. And finally, more details about investments and incentives programs are available with a partner login here.

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Where could we find more information about the CSP program changes, especially the new incentives?

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Good day @Sayanghosh ,


As far as I am aware, more details should follow in the next couple of weeks.

My reccomendation is to keep an eye on the Community, the MPN website and the MPN Blog.


Have a great week ahead!