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Part 5: Modern Work Readiness Series | Do more with less with NextGen Windows Experiences for SMB



Welcome to the fifth in our six-part Modern Work Readiness Series.


New experiences in Windows 365 and Windows 11 fundamentally reimagine end-user computing and reconfigure the division of labor between the cloud and the computing edge. In doing so, they create new ways for customers to do more with less by increasing productivity and saving businesses time and money. With hybrid work here to stay, this is a great time to grow your partner business by adding Cloud PCs as a practice.


Improve your “NextGen Windows Experiences” pitch with this 20-minute Inspire pre-day session, presented by Olia Savintseva, Windows 365 CSP Partner Marketing. You’ll learn how adding Cloud PCs into your sales formula helps you sell Windows 365 to your existing customers and how targeted demand generation, like partner-driven workshops, helps you accelerate deals and build new managed services practices.


Do More with Less Offer Update! Windows 365 Trials extended through April 1, 2023
To help you explore Windows 365 with your customers, we are extending the availability of proof-of-concept trials from September 30, 2022, to April 1, 2023, in CSP. Partners can offer their customers up to three seats, 100 percent free, for one month to showcase the value of Windows 365 Cloud PCs and win new deals!


Learn more by downloading the FAQ.


Build your NextGen Windows Experiences business today:



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