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Part 2: Modern Work Readiness Series | One app that does it all - Team Essentials



Hello Partners! 


Welcome to the second of our six-part Modern Work Readiness Series.


This week, we focus on how you can help your small and medium business (SMB) customers work smarter, not harder with Microsoft Teams Essentials.


As we all embrace a hybrid workforce, SMB customers are shifting how they think about their investment in tools and technology. Moving to the cloud is now a business imperative, allowing them to do more with less. And Teams Essentials is a great place for many SMBs to start.


Geared specifically towards small businesses, Teams Essentials is an integrated solution that helps save time and money. Customers can easily video conference, chat and instant message, digital whiteboard, and collaborate all in one low-cost, stand-alone app.


With its robust tools all in one place, your customers can reduce travel costs and improve collaboration and communication, whether their workforce is global or local.


Be sure to watch this 30-minute Inspire pre-day session. At minute marker 12:10, Alessandro Podda, Senior Product Marketing Manager, discusses the three paths to grow with Teams Essentials.


For even more ways to share the power of Teams Essentials with your customers:





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