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Microsoft Announcement for CSP tier 1 Partners

The much-anticipated update of Microsoft for the direct billing CSP tier 1 partners is finally here. The CSPs are in action to know the details of this update all around the world.

For the tier 1 CSPs, it is necessary to take a grip over the requirements and go for the details of the update. According to Microsoft, tier 1 CSPs should implement two key capabilities along with providing support under a Microsoft Support plan. In case they are not able to fulfill the requirements before August 31, 2018, they won’t be able to continue as a tier 1 CSP at their enrollment anniversary but can provide services through an indirect service provider. 

Let’s have a look at the key capabilities that Microsoft expects of its tier 1 CSPs:

At the time the update is introduced, there is quite ample time to implement the key capabilities which are: the CSPs either provide an IP service, a managed service or a solution application to the customers in addition to implementing a basic billing infrastructure and enable billing within the system of CSP. This is the main area that needs CSPs attention which can result in taking a few major business decisions and making strategic changes in the overall CSP organization.

Other than that, Microsoft also expects its distributors to take part in either of the two support plans that are: Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners and Microsoft Premier Support for Partners. In the former plan, Microsoft assists in direct customer problem fixation, especially the critical ones. The latter plan is much more comprehensive than the Microsoft Advanced Support Plan. In Microsoft Premier Support, a lot more is offered than just normal support like on site trainings, response time for customers based on priorities and management of accounts. The latter plan also makes the customers focus more on the area of growth of their business since major issues are indigenously handled by Microsoft.

Keeping all these details in mind, CSPs need to focus over fulfilling these requirements right away in order to retain their status as CSP tier 1 Partners.

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RackNap has already helped many CSPs to be compliant as per this requirement. O365 and Azure services can be provisioned automatically via the marketplace and they can be billed on flexible models. 

 You can connect with us at touch@racknap.com to discuss your requirement and we can help you to be compliant and then you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Direct CSP program (Tier 1).