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Introducing Windows 365 Enterprise promotion for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customers | Offers Modern Workplace

Windows 365 Enterprise trials are now available exclusively through CSP partners in the new commerce experience. The Windows 365 Enterprise trial experience promo gives you the ability to offer customers up to three seats, 100 percent free for one month.


Try one month free between July 1 and September 30, 2022, with setup and ongoing support.



This new offer is a perfect opportunity for CSP partners to introduce and pilot Windows 365 with your customers. With the Enterprise edition, partners can provide deployment and management services, using such tools as Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Lighthouse.


This new trial experience is available to eligible customers in the CSP channel:

  • A monthly term subscription of Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 8 GB, and 128 GB
  • 100 percent off the first month
  • Up to three licenses per tenant
  • Offer valid from July 1 to September 30, 2022

To qualify, customers need to be new to Windows 365 and have specific prerequisites, one of which is Microsoft 365 Business Premium. (See the complete list of Windows 365 Enterprise technical requirements.


Next steps



·        Contact your PDM if you have any questions about the Windows 365 Promotional Offer



Hi Henrik - Thank you for your posting. We'll share the feedback to the CSP promotions team. 

Level 2 Contributor

Quite difficult to implement and explain in the channel.
1 month free and then suddenly we start to be invoiced?
Maximum 3 free??? (I can understand why, but difficult to handle, make free offers a separate SKU)
3 month validity of the offer ???
- We hardly have time to implement, much less make this well known amongst our resellers, even less to customers.
- In the middle of the summer (Everyone is on vacation, at least in Europe).
I really hope Microsoft stop making stupid promotions like this.

Best regards
Henrik Mejnhardt Nielsen
30 years selling Microsoft Licenses (Since 1992).
16 years 100% dedicated to Microsoft licensing in distribution (Since 2006).