Do more business with Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP)

I would like to tell you a little more about our Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) service. One of the things I always say; Microsoft has 8000 partners in the Netherlands and they are all different;

  • Other technology focus
  • Different business model
  • Different expertise’s or knowledge level
  • Choice for certain industries
  • Different size or organizational structure
  • Whether or not managed by Microsoft Netherlands

Each partner differentiates itself in a different way. As a result, each partner needs a different kind of support.


Our goal is to enable partners to generate more business. ASfP consists of three components that can contribute to this, a Service account manager (SAM), Cloud Consults and support, which I will explain briefly.

The Service account manager (SAM) is at your disposal to understand your business. Based on regular meetings, knowledge and experience of the SAM, we make a plan. Through this plan we help with new technology, learning plans, drive adoption or solve escalations.


Cloud Consults (also known as Architect As A Service) are provided by our Partner Technical Consultants. They can help you with all kinds of technical challenges. Partners who use Cloud Consults at an early stage (architecture/ design) are proven to be more successful than partners who do not.


Of course, we also provide good support for the Cloud services. A 1-hour SLA response in case of critical disruptions. We also have a 24x7 escalation team at our disposal.


Some examples of how we help our partners:

  • Setting up a new business (e.g., Windows Virtual Desktop)
  • Delivering Adoption Opportunities (By Reporting on Sold VS Used Online Services)
  •  Architecture, design and implementation advice (by Cloud Consults)
  • Troubleshooting bugs or changes in the software
  • Make solutions suitable for co-selling (and thereby realize opportunities in North America)
  • Learning plans for new technology (e.g. Teams, Azure Plan)
  • Helping partners with a network within Microsoft (in this case the EDU team)
  • Helping to facilitate solutions in the marketplace or the P2P (Partner to Partner) channel
  • And many other things, like; CSP, MPN, competencies, etc.

As I said, no partner is similar. Every partner has different wishes and needs that we can respond to. Advanced Support for Partners is priced the same for every partner and consists of the same basic components; SAM, Cloud Consults and Support. With these components, we draw up a plan for your specific partner need. Do you have any questions or interest, do not hesitate to contact us?