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Advisory Hours: Helping partners to thrive in a competitive market

You may not think of advisory hours as a competitive resource but think again. These one-to-one technical consultations can help you to increase sales, accelerate app development and deploy more effectively.


The Partner Technical Consultants (PTC) support all Microsoft solutions from Azure Infrastructure, Business Applications, Data & AI, Modern Work & Security, along with helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Developers with their applications.


Many of our partners in the Microsoft Partner Network may not be fully utilizing their advisory hour benefits because they are not aware of how they can be used. This post focuses on providing several examples of how partners can leverage their advisory hours and thrive in this competitive market.


Who can access advisory hours

If you have a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) or if you have a Gold or Silver Competency, you will be allocated a certain number of advisory hours based on your membership.

If you are a Network Member you will not have access to these benefits, however, the easiest way to get access would be to get an Action Pack Subscription for a low annual fee, and access benefits well worth the nominal cost.




What can advisory hours be used for

The Partner Technical Consultants support our partners with many scenarios to help increase sales, accelerate app development, and deploy applications more effectively. From virtual white-boarding sessions, pre-sales help to understand business value proposition for your customer of Microsoft solutions, feature overview or comparison guidance between two different Microsoft solutions and help access where Microsoft excels versus a competitor so that you can pitch those benefits to your customer. They can even help if you are trying to utilize other partner benefits such as your Internal Use Right (IUR) licenses.


Refer to the below for an outline of the key scenarios you can use your advisory hours for.




Which cloud platforms do advisory hours support?

The Partner Technical Consultants are experienced in Azure, Data and AI, Business Applications, Modern Work and Security.




One-to-one Technical Consultations

One-to-one technical consultations are available if you are trying to build a new practice or get a competency, enhance deployement proficiency, optimize an already deployed solution, and complex scenarios when you are trying to run custom configs or setting. You can connect for any sort of technical documentation, customized demos, code samples or automation, complex automation guidance, or any solution where you need scaling advice or technical resources.


How do I submit a technical consultation request

When you are ready to engage with a technical consultant, visit https://aka.ms/TPD. Below is an outline of the process.




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