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Partner verification nightmare

Apologies, I don't really know where else to go for this, we are smashing our heads against a Microsoft wall, and getting nowhere. We made a name and brand change a few months ago and cannot get verified. Updated the information in partner centre and I've been submitting document after document to get verified with our new domain and company name change but we keep getting rejected with no explanation and no chance for a conversation.


All I get in return is the same email over and over from a group that won't give or take a phone call, take 4-5 days+ for any kind of response, and won't provide anything other than the same canned response, literally 20+ times no matter our pleas for a simple conversation to get this sorted. I've spent hours on this, and I'm about to lose my marbles.


We can't access our partner benefits and have lost potential work as we were unable to use partner licenses for concept testing.


It's just not good enough and we need a resolution immediately, how can we achieve this?


At this stage, just posting desperately anywhere I can find to get help. Would appreciate if someone from MS can step in and give us a hand please?



Mike Prior


Forest IT/Prior IT Pty Ltd



MPN ID: 5110271


I believe this issue has been resolved.

Community Manager

@priorit Hello! I am sorry to hear about your troubles here. Can you provide me with your support ticket number please? I will do my best to escalate it and get you past this. I know it can be very frustrating. I am not part of the support team but I can try to contact them from within.