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Merry cloudstep Christmas - new release for 2021

Hi to Australian Partners


A new cloudstep was launched this week - it is designed to help you take the "grunt and guess work" out of TCO modelling and migration planning.  We would love you to have a look and give it a go.  (Costs ZERO to signup - and 2 models are provided FREE)


New highlights include:

  1.  new user interface and navigation to help you find the things you need the most including onboarding training videos and free support 
  2.  10 minute model - (well sort of....)  nonetheless, a quick way to demonstrate the existence of a business case doing things the "worse way"  We found this to be a great starting point before a more serious investment of time is needed.  
  3. new PaaS application architecture studio - so that you can explore better and more cost effective application deployment options and identify when is the best time to refactor.
  4. cloudstep can now can be purchased and invoiced against your existing azure account, via the Azure Marketplace.  We will help you model your first customer and each customer thereafter starts at $50USD / month - no lock-in terms.

2020 was the year of emergency - 2021 becomes the year of "Austerity"


"There is no new money and savings need to be found to pay for reforms"  


If your team is quiet in January - why not use some of the time to explore what cloudstep is - and how it could help you advance some customer decisions next year.


Lastly - thankyou to the Microsoft team - Michelle, @sarahar ,Jamie Irawan, Alegra and Nick for your assistance this year.  We made the switch and moved our application from AWS in recognition of your support and despite a challenging year we are eagerly awaiting 2021!