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Level 2 Contributor

MSP Account Verification issue

My MS Partner Portal is recently reporting an "Account Verification" issue, and won't let me renew / agree to the Microsoft Partner Agreement.  Per online instructions I've uploaded business and domain verification documents, via the Portal, but the "Legal Info" section is still stuck at "Employment Verification".


I have called 132058 (3,1), which just has a recorded message that no-one is available for Partner Support, and to lodge an online support request on the Partner Portal.


I lodged a support ticket request (Ticket ID2101250010000248) on the Partner Portal 10 days ago which remains open with no response and further requests for an update remain unanswered.


This is urgent, as I haven't been able to renew and benefits have expired, impacting customer relations.  Could a Microsoft Representative contact me urgently to resolve?

Level 2 Contributor

Microsoft support contacted & resolved 06/02/2021