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FY22 Changes to propel your growth strategy


With FY21 paving the way of many insightful learnings and the start of FY22 already underway, we have the opportunity to propel our growth as we learn from the past and leverage the exciting new changes ahead.

As a general trend, what we are seeing across our fastest growing partners, is a focus not only on digital transformation at a multi-dimensional level, but in the realm of marketing and growth, distribution channels remaining key. And in many ways, Microsoft itself has embraced this pathway, reaping its array of rewards and ROI.


Moving forward, to break down your FY22 Growth Strategy, it is first worth understanding the immediate changes being made to the GTM Offers & Programs.


FY22 GTM Offers.PNG


1. NEW landing of the Partner Go-To-Market Toolbox


Change: New Tool

After seeing the high engagement and success among partners leveraging the power of co-branding with Microsoft, the GTM team launched an online tool, allowing businesses to grow through a personalised action-driven marketing plan, as well as a library of easy to build, solution-specific marketing assets from a customer case study to social marketing assets, customer presentations and one-pagers. Learn more about it here.


2. Partner Success Story


The Partner Success story offer enabled partners to share the success of their Microsoft enabled solution, through an editorial review and publishing your success story to the internal Partner Evidence portal, leveraging Microsoft’s channels.


Change: As part of the introduction of the new Partner GTM Toolbox, the Partner Success Story offer process has now been incorporated as part of the Customer Case Study, to help simplify and consolidate our key co-branded resources.


3. Partner to Partner GTM Assets


Change: Used to create a joint bill of materials with another partner, this offer leverages our marketing asset template library to help accelerate customer conversations, generate demand for your solution and drive sales.


As part of the new FY22 changes, despite previously only being available to silver and gold partners, it is now available to ALL network members, which can be found in the Partner Marketing Center here.


4. Press Release with Microsoft Executive Quote


This offer allowed partners to publicise their Microsoft enabled solution with a press release or blog post published on partner owned channels, where partners provided the content, who would then receive an editorial review.


Change: The GTM offer is no longer available in Partner Center the GTM Offer which was previously available to partners with a gold competency and/or ISVs with a co-sell incentive eligible offer.


As the team continues to work with partners that have an outstanding press release to complete the benefit, in lieu of this offering, partners have been granted (3) points for an editorial review on co-branded marketing assets in the Partner Go-To-Market Toolbox.


Beyond these changes to our Go-to-Market with Microsoft Program, you can learn more about the key programs and marketing tools partners can leverage in FY22, in the Inspire recap here. We also recommend you to read through the Inspire Books of News with an all-up summary of the announcements from the event.


Elisa Lillicrap