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Cannot renew my Action Pack - NOW EXPIRED - stuck on employment verification

Good Morning,


This has been an incredible negative journey. Our company has been an action pack subscriber for over 17 years now. Yet currently MS have trouble verifying me! I have provided the documents requested then told I was authorized and after 10 business days it will be reflected... STILL no change in my status.


So I have again complained about it and I am now being asked for the documents... AGAIN. I mean what the. This is so disappointing, we spend a lot on Microsoft Azure services annually and we are now unable to access Visual Studio to do dev changes all because of a $600 action pack renewal. This is disgusting of Microsoft to leave their (valued ?) partners like this. We are a Customer we provide a revenue stream for Microsoft yet Microsoft have done this to us ... after all these years.


I see there are thousands of others in a similar position.


Can someone please help, I have now resubmitted the documents and have referred them to my ticket 2105200010000014 and get this renewed TODAY. I have customer requests coming in that I cannot satisfy because I cannot get access to my dev environment !!


Surely MS can extend these licences as an interim measure while they are getting their own ADMIN INHOUSE issues sorted out ?


btw I have been trying daily since the renew period opened and has now closed and daily i continue to spend time trying to get this renewed. You cannot speak to a person directly involved in this process. Microsoft need to make this process MUCH BETTER.


Would appreciate some assistance.