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New Project TAP Preview

New Project will soon be in Preview for Gold/Silver Microsoft partners. Microsoft will enable it for install on your CDS default Orgs if you opt in and have a signed Preview Agreement. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Please send us some basic information using this forms link:


2. After some basic verifications, Microsoft will reach out with a Preview Agreement. Please sign this agreement and send it back to Microsoft as soon as you can.

3. Once the above 2 steps are completed, you will get a confirmation from Microsoft and will be able to install the new Project application on the default CDS Org.

4. You will be added to the new Project Feedback channel on Teams and will able to provide feedback, thoughts, suggestions on that channel.

All communications on next steps, actions and Feedback channel memberships will be sent to the "Requestor email" that is specified on the Forms link.

If you are Microsoft Gold/ Silver partner and are interested in the PSA application and its roadmap, we strongly encourage you to try this out!