Secure your customers with Zero Trust proactive approach



99.9% of identity-related attacks can be stopped with Multifactor authentication.


Customers depend on you, our partners, to secure their Azure Active Directory environment against attackers. To step up to this challenge, if your customer is not already using Conditional Access policies to enforce MFA, we encourage you to turn on security defaults now in your customer’s Azure AD tenants versus waiting for us to deploy it to your customer.


This practical blog helps you prepare for enabling security defaults in your customer’s Azure Active Directory tenants in these 5 simple steps:


  1. Sign-in to the Azure portal as a Security administrator, Conditional Access administrator, or Global administrator.
  2. Browse to Azure Active Directory > Properties.
  3. Select Manage security defaults.
  4. Set the Enable security defaults toggle to Yes.
  5. Select Save.

Read this blog for full details



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