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Microsoft Cloud Partner Program for ISV partners : Changes to the Partner Network



As a Microsoft Partner it's quite likely that you have seen the announcements on the Microsoft Partner Network Program (MPN) evolving into the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) effective in October 2022. If you havent seen the announcement, there is an official Community blog about it here and overview content of different designations at Evolving the Microsoft Partner Network programs

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is designed for all partners. Whether they build and sell services, software solutions, or devices, our partner-focused business platform opens the door to the Microsoft ecosystem of resources, tools, and opportunities to support their success on the Microsoft Cloud. If you are an ISV partner that have a services component of your business, then you can choose to pursue a Solutions Partner designation and specializations for that part of your business.


Partner Membership changes for specifically ISV partners.


1. For ISV Partners currently active in MPN with Silver or Gold Competency:


 The silver and gold competencies from today will no longer be recognized after September 30th 2022.

On our anniversary date after September 2022, if you don't meet the requirements for the solutions partner designation, you will have the option to pay the fee and retain your legacy benefits , until your next anniversary date.

2. For ISV Partners currently using the Microsoft Action Pack: you can continue to leverage these benefits as they are not related to any MPN Competency. 

For Partners who cannot renew legacy benefits? Check out the various liscence benefits through the action pack and ISV success program

The ISV Partner Program as the new Microsoft Partner Journey



As we are continuing to invest in ISV partnering, we have launched the ISV Success Program for all ISVs to grow your business as an ISV with tailored benefits, one-to-one consultations, and training resources—and for you to gain access to millions of Microsoft customers across the globe through the commercial marketplace. These new benefits have a retail value for over $128,000. Microsoft is ensuring to helping ISVs meet customer needs, innovate faster and cost efficiently, go-to-market and grow a thriving business.





Microsoft will focus on Industry designations going forward.

For ISVs that already have a mature market presence, we're working on accreditations to recognize, differentiate, and reward your existing intellectual property that's in high demand. Microsoft announced at inspire that industry Solution Partner designations will be added for ISVs. These designations differentiate solutions based on their demonstrated performance with customers, technical maturity and customer success.


We are starting with healthcare, retail and financial services. Sign up here to learn more about ISV Industry Designations and potentially co-design with us: Microsoft Forms


The Industry Solution Partner designations will be anchored on the Microsoft Industry Clouds and align across the Solutions Partner and ISV programs to help partners further differentiate their organization’s capabilities and marketplace offers. You can watch the recap at Inspire here: The Microsoft Cloud for ISVs: a pathway to success




For ISV partners who are growing their cloud business with Microsoft and need a higher level of service: we are providing the Advanced Support for Partners Program (ASFP). My colleague Maarten Sonneveld explained about support for ISV partners in this article.