Microsoft Sales Academy, August/September 2021

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Selling has evolved. The sales cycle now involves not only meetings with technical stakeholders like the CIO, but meetings with the business decision makers who fund and ultimately approve the project. Sellers need both the right content and the right skills to navigate these meetings successfully, as they are the “moments that matter” in the sales cycle. Microsoft has developed new sales training to meet this need. 

The primary objective of this three session solution area specific training program is to provide you with new sales engagement tactics and tools to help you facilitate five critical “Moments that Matter” that occur during every complex sales cycle. Sales professionals that execute these prospect meetings well consistently drive 50% to 80% win rates. The training sessions will be delivered by Neural Impact, who have been working with Microsoft sellers and many of our most successful partners for over 12 years. For a brief overview of the program please watch this short two-minute video. If you want more detail and information, you can go straight to here.

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 Applications- Starting Monday 23rd August 2021 Register 
 Modern Work -Starting Monday 23rd August 2021 Register 
Azure Apps & Infrastructure- Starting Tuesday, 24th August 2021 Register 
Security, Compliance and Identity- Starting Tuesday 24th August 2021 Register
Azure Data & AI- Starting Wednesday 25th August 2021 Register 

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