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Indirect Reseller Partner Center API Access

Does anyone know if an Indirect Reseller can have access to the Partner Center API via the Indirect Provider?

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The answer is "No". We pay the full partnership fee that others pay, but we do not get the programmatic access we need despite requiring it to perform any type of burden easement placed on us. We NEED to qualify, quantify and identify information about our customers, even right down to whether they've signed the Customer Agreement. We have to "vouch" for our customers, and now, we have to pay for our customers even if they decide to cancel before the year term. It's been a problem for years and the answer is always "It's up to your provider to provide you with the information we provide them and our Direct Bill partners that's included in their Partnership Fees for free that will help protect all parties in the process and provide accurate interfacing with any automated systems you might have in place. Have a nice day."

We really need access to the API, just read only for all parameters. There no logic to disallowing read only access... I know the people on this post have been trying to convince up the chain. I hope they find success.

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Pardon my ignorance (I work for an IP, not IR) but can't you see all of your customers in Partner Center to see things like whether they've signed the MCA? Other than that, I'm not certain what information you can qualify, quantify, and identify there that can't be garnered elsewhere.

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Indirect Partners seem to use an API connection to make their ordering systems communicate with Partner Center and I've heard of Indirect Partners having APIs so that the Indirect Reseller can connect to them, but I've never encountered a scenario like the one you're describing.  I'm really not even sure it would work as @JanoschUlmer pointed out.


I guess the million dollar question on everybody's mind is: "why?"


@AlanMcBurney : Some Indirect providers do make their own API available for Indirect Resellers. 

From Microsoft perspective there is no support for Indirect Resellers using the Partner Center API directly - some functionalities could be accessed though. I think also the GDAP API should work for Indirect Resellers. It is not possible to call the Partner Center API in the context of an Indirect Provider as Indirect Reseller.

Kind regards, Janosch
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