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Conversation With Microsoft Perth - Microsoft Azure Session (Post Event Resources)

Session Five: During the Conversation with Microsoft Azure session presented by John Palamara John.Palamara@microsoft.com we discussed;

  • Azure Overview
  • Discuss customer challenges
  • Solution Examples
  • Hybrid story, security and migration

Please find John's deck attached to this post


Number One Call Out:

Use the Azure Calculator https://azure.microsoft.com/en-au/pricing/calculator/ to help you configure and estimate the cost for Azure Products.

Level 2 Contributor

If you need some help to move the conversation to value - not the technology -  or are seekign to build a business case that can be trusted cloudstep.io could help - webinar sessions will be scheduled shortly - please let me know if your are interested.  Thanks to Michelle and Sarah for inviting us to visit Perth today. daryl@cloudstep.io