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GTM Essentials #1: Solution Workspace How-to-Guide

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When it comes to growing your business, the solution lies with harnessing the right tools and resources at the right time. However, it can be challenging for our partners to know where to start, and find the information they need quickly and easily. 

That's where Solution Workspace comes in, delivering a guided roadmap by aggregating content across the MPN network, specifically for your solution.


As with any new tool, it can be tricky at first to understand exactly what it is, whether it’s right for you, and how to get started. To answer these questions, here’s your how-to guide on using Solution Workspace to access your Go-to-market (GTM) Offers & Marketplace Rewards.

Contents - What's Covered?


  • What is Solution Workspace?
  • What’s included and is it relevant for me?
  • Who can access Solution Workspace?
  • How to get started in 5 steps:

    1. Accessing the GTM Offers & Marketplace Rewards – 3 ways to search and find it.

    2. Learning about & selecting available offers and rewards


    3. Starting the GTM Offer or Reward

    4. Keep track of your progress

    5. Invite Contacts to your GTM offer or reward

  • Key Resources


What is Solution Workspace?

Solution Workspace is a digital experience designed to give you a clear path from building solutions, to getting them to market and growing sales. Think of it as your personalised partner coach, mapping out the different resources, guidance, and checklists you need, specific to the solution you’re building.


“The biggest benefit I see with Solution Workspace is the centralisation of information. We had scoured the Microsoft site looking for some specific training videos and found them within minutes on Solution Workspace.”

– Guy Cervi, Founder at Trans4orm Solutions Inc


For this article, we’ll be focusing on the ‘Go-to-Market’ phase of the partner lifecycle within Solution Workspace, however you can learn more about the overall platform in this comprehensive tutorial breakdown here


What’s included and is it relevant for me? What’s included?


One of the most valuable functions of Solution Workspace is using it to grow your business with Go-To-Market Offers, Rewards and other personalised marketing and sales resources. It offers a series of self-serve tools to help automate your marketing efforts and save huge amounts of time for both your marketing and sales team. Whilst some benefits are also included, the primary way to activate and use these, are through Partner Center, which will be covered in a separate article.


Who can access Solution Workspace?


Partners with a Microsoft competency, ISV Partners with a co-sell ready solution or ISV Connect partners, and partners with a published solution in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, will have access to start using the GTM offers and Marketplace Rewards.


Note, that your marketing team can use Solution Workspace while your engineering team works in the ‘build with’ stage.


How to get started in 5 steps:


Before you read the steps below, it is worth watching this Insider’s Guide video on Australian Partners Top 3 Marketing Services, which includes a quick live demo of accessing your offers & rewards in Solution Workspace.


1. Access the offers & rewards

Visit the My Solutions landing page to sign in. Here, you will find your solutions and GTM offers and rewards. To view ALL of your offers & rewards, select the ‘View all’ option to go to a gallery listing them in the order of;

  • In progress:
    • Action required
    • Most recent
  • Available
  • Completed
  • Expired

SW 1.1.PNGSW 2.1.PNG


3 Ways to search or find the offers:


  • Use the Filter option on the left side to search by the status of offers/rewards.
  • If you know the title or name of a particular offer/reward, you can use the search bar to enter key terms.
  • The ‘Sort by’ drop-down list on the right side can be used arrange the offers and rewards by either status or latest.


Once you’ve found an offer or reward, select it to view further details of that page.


SW 3.1.1.PNG


2. Learning about & selecting available offers and rewards


The GTM offers and Marketplace rewards that appear on the page, will be personalised to those available to your specific organisation. To learn more about what each offer or reward involves and its value to you, select the detail card.


The main features of the offer or reward will appear in the Summary section of its Details page.


Some offers and rewards will also have an example of what the offer or reward would look like. In such a case, you can preview the example with the thumbnail that appears. However, to view a full example, select the ‘Download example’ option to open and review it.


SW 4.1.PNG

3. Starting the GTM Offer or Reward


Once you’ve selected a card and are ready to start using the GTM Offer / Reward, select the ‘Start Now’ button. This will take you to Workflow section of the page, where you’ll find a progress bar, instructions on how to get started, a Work area section and Latest Activity section.


  1. Progress Bar – shows where your offer or reward is in the process. As you move through the steps to use and launch the offer/reward, the position will automatically move.
  2. Get started – offers templates and helpful resource to provide further information and context about what’s included, as well as the steps to progress through the offer/reward.
  3. Work Area – complete the form fields and/or add a comment. The fields will change depending on your current stage. Once you click submit, the upload fields will become ‘read-only’ where you won’t be able to edit the fields except for comments.
  4. Latest Activity – when you’re first starting, you’ll see ‘No activity yet’ in this section. However, once you’ve completed an activity in the Work area section, it will be updated under ‘Latest Activity’.

 SW 5.1.PNG



4. Keeping track of your progress

Track your progress with the GTM offer / reward by looking at the coloured status labelled on the detail card. You can see this indicator either in the gallery or going back to the My Solutions landing page. There are 4 progress states:

  • In progress
  • Available
  • Completed
  • Expired

 SW 5.1.1.PNG


Depending on what step you are at when an offer/reward is in progress, this will appear under the status itself, which is the same as the progress bar appearing in the Workflow section. You can also find details about the progress of each offer or reward by selecting the card and going to the ‘Workflow’ section.


If you need help and have any questions, you can use the Comment section or send a message to the email address listed on each offer or reward.


5. Invite Contacts to your GTM offer or reward

Any individual at their company can view, start, or act on a Go-To-Market Offer or Marketplace Reward. However, if you only want one or more offers/rewards viewed or engaged by specific individuals in your company, you can invite a specific team member by;


  • Visiting the Contacts section of the offer/reward > Enter their email address > Select the +invite button.

SW 7.1.PNG


This will prompt a dialog box to open, where you must confirm adding in your teammate(s). After selecting the Add and send invite option, your default email application will open with a prepopulated email to send your teammate. Once the recipient has accepted the invitation by selecting the access link within it, they will appear in the Contacts table and be listed in the Contacts section.


  • Common Question: “Can you invite an external contact outside of your organisation e.g. an agency rep?”
  • Answer: Yes – simply follow the above step, however, note that contacts added here are granted permission only to access that specific GTM Offer or Marketplace Reward within Solution Workspace.

Key Resources:

  • Solution Workspace FAQ section
  • Ask-me-anything webinar recording – showcases a live Solution Workspace DEMO of how to start using your GTM Offers & Rewards
  • Insider’s Guide Video: The “Australian Partners Top 3 Marketing Services” short 10 minute video includes a quick overview & demo of accessing GTM offers and rewards in Solution Workspace
  • Comprehensive Solution Workspace Tutorial gives a deeper overview of how to use it across all 3 stages of the life cycle; build, go-to-market and sell-with.

I hope this Solution Workspace Guide helped answer some of your burning questions, to help you get started with accessing your GTM offers & rewards. Be sure to share this article with your marketing team, and your Solution Workspace contacts.


Keep your eyes out for our next article in the GTM Essentials Series, featuring a deep dive on our top GTM Offers. If you have any feedback or requests on what offers, tools or resources you'd like to see in this series, please comment below or email me at t-elillicrap@microsoft.com