Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Practice Building Workshop



Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Practice Building Workshop


Dear Partner, you are Invited to our D365 Customer Insights Practice Building Workshop Series for May. Please see attached invite for Day 1 and Day 2 (14th and 15th of May) 1:30PM – 3:00PM



What’s Covered

Desired Outcome


Day 1

Lap Around

Customer Insights

Welcome to the series plus overview and a short demo of Customer Insights

Attendees will obtain a basic understanding of what Customer Insights is and what it offers.

30 min

Practice Models

Overview of potential service offerings. Some examples of potential offerings to be brainstormed:


  1. Basic POC / Advisory offering that would drive 1st consumption & services win
  2. #1 w/ expanded data enrichment services via Data/AI/connectors; follow up to #1 w/ more data options
  3. #1 or #2 w/ App Integration via App Modernization technologies (Azure, PowerSuite)
  4. Training – CIAD Provider

We will review the resources & skillsets needed for each scenario.

Attendees will have a working model of potential offerings you can bring to market and a good understanding of what the offering will require in terms of: time, personnel, costs, etc.

30 min


w/ Industry

“How to differentiate your CI offering w/ Industry” session. 

Different industry demos and scenarios will be showcased to help you select an industry + practice model for your first service offering.

Case studies

Attendees will have a good understanding of how to infuse their offering with industry specific scenarios and produce an industry specific offering(s).

30 min

Day 2


& Profitability Models

Discuss how you can monetize and grow the new services offering(s)

Upon completion attendees should have a good idea of how to monetize their offering(s) and how to grow their business.

30 min

Objection Handling

Value Proposition, Competitive landscape review, what are the key moments/conversations to advance the deal? What is a CDP? How is a CDP different from a MDM, DMP or CRM?

Attendees will understand the value prop, key moments/conversations to advance the deal. What is a CDP difference between MDM, DMP and CRM.

30 min

Day  Go-To-Market Options

Review AppSource and discuss best practices on how to create & market your new offering.   We will also review the AppSource templates that will be provided in the workshop kit.

Session Close out and Next Steps

Attendees will understand what GTM options are available to them and how to take advantage of those offerings.

30 min


If you choose​ to participate in this session using Microsoft Teams, your name, email address, phone number, and/or title may be viewable by other session participants.​