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Windows 10 full licensing gone from Action Pack

I have recently been pointed out that the MPN programs - the Action Pack in particular no longer receive Windows licenses. Confusingly they still provide the license codes but we can only use them to update previous Windows (unspecified) versions. There are 2 problems with this. Immediately after the update it becomes impossible to prove that it was an update (or reinstall on a previously licensed machine) because MPN is a digial subscription and no license stickers had been distributed. The other problem is that Action Pack subscribers must update when a new Windows version comes out. And when Windows 10 came out the update was "free" both legally and in the sense that it required no new license key.


So let's assume that you get into a SAM or some other license audit. Having no license stickers will make ALL Windows 10 computers unlicensed - unless they came with a Windows 7 or 8 COA sticker in which case they are not neeed to be covered by Action Pack ... or a Windows 10 COA sticker in which case it did not neet to be covered by any MPN or update deal.


So how can we continue using previously received Windows 7 or 8 licenses with the current Windows 10 update licenses? ... and to be honest, the License table doesn's say what can be updated to Windows 10 ... I still have my 3 Windows 2000 CD's with their unique license codes. Do those qualify? There is absolutely no information about this anywhere.

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