Partner Virtual Agent Community Preview

We’d like to invite you to come and discover the new Partner Bot!


Please join us by participating in the Partner Bot community preview. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the future and dig in with us on the Partner Bot, which will appear on the Microsoft partner website site in the future and is built using Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service


The overall aim of the internal preview is to get early feedback regarding how well the Partner Bot responds to topics it’s been trained to respond to and how graceful it handles topics it hasn’t been trained on. 


Please keep in mind this is an early preview and there will be issues. You can help us improve by sharing your feedback and questions in the Partner Bot Pilot community. Throughout the internal preview, we will be monitoring the community for questions and feedback. Changes will be made daily to improve the experience based on your feedback. 


You can access the Partner Bot here.


Known issues/out of scope

  • English only. There will be additional languages added. Timeline is TBD.
  • UX is not being tested currently. If a dialog doesn't look good based on the contents of the dialog, please share that with our team.
  • Actions that perform tasks on-behalf of the partners are not available at this time. i.e. lookup case id, return partner information, partner authentication, view invoice details, etc. Actions will be coming in May.
  • There is no graceful hand-off to a support agent using chat when a topic is unknown or when a support agent is requested directly. Currently there is a link to start a chat. This will lead to a dead-end until chat is integrated. Timeframe for integration is June.
  • No support for rich media or adaptive cards. Coming soon.
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