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MS Inspire not very Inspiring?

Am I the only one that found the UK Local Connection session not very connecting and underwhelming? 


Yes its nice to see who wins partner of the year, but for the only UK based session I'd rather have learnt more about what Microsoft UK will offer of the next 12 months. Not having a PDM its the main point of contact for a lot of partners to hear straight from Microsoft what opportunities there are going to be.


I've already fed back in some of the sessions last night that as a smaller partner like the majority its gets boring constantly to see in the presentation "Talk to your PDM for further information". Its as if Microsoft is becoming a closed shop for the larger selected partners when you add on to this what has happened over the last 12 months with NCE and now with the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.


I'm looking for the positives, but so far see little.

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