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APPLY NOW for the Swiss Marketing Development Funds (Go-To-Market Funds) for FY23

Dear Partners,


We're excited to announce the FY23 partner tender for the Swiss Marketing Development Funds (Go-To-Market Funds)! We've interviewed our Business Group Leads Elisa, Cherez, Stefanie and our Security PMM Marcel - watch the short videos (attached) to see what they have to say! You can also watch the recording of our latest Partner Marketing Breakfast to get more context (Recording & Slides of Swiss Partner Marketing Brea... - Microsoft Partner Community)



This tender is designed for partner marketing campaigns across all Solution Areas and segments - and for the remaining fiscal year (until June 2023). Microsoft's Through Partner marketing strategy is to go deeper with fewer campaigns, enabling more investment per campaign (min. CHF 10'000.-) and maximum impact.


Please keep in mind that there are a few requirements that you need to cover to be eligible for Marketing fundings in FY23:

  • Advanced Specialisation in the respective Solution Area you're requesting funds for
  • Eligible and willing to execute 1:1 Workshops/Programs (overview attached)
  • Sharing Leads & Opportunities in Partner Center
  • Matching Microsoft's Marketing investment


  • Please read the instructions carefully and watch the videos
  • Fill out the Forms (Microsoft Forms)
  • Send the digitally signed PDF (attached, Swiss Marketing Development Funds - FY23) to rawir@microsoft.com.

The submission deadline for your plans/ideas is August 15, 2022.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

All the best,

Maruscha, Ralph and Sven

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