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Can't Re-enroll, extremely frustrated. Why is this so complicated?

I'm writing this post after spending something like 5 hours on the phone with the support center and another two hours on chat. And getting nowhere. Maybe I'll get help here. But if I thought the MPN was frustrating before, then apparently I was wrong. 


The facts:

  • We are a gold partner in the application development route. has been since 2006.
  • We haven't migrated yet to the dashboard. can't. don't get the banner on the old MPN site, didn't get an email. 
  • Our membership ends November 30th. yes, less than two weeks.
  • Can't renew it. The old MPN site doesn't recognize certified products any more. 
  • Has to be done with the new dashboard. But we're not on the new dashboard yet.


And after explaining this about 10 times to the support agents in the call center, the answer I got was: Wait till you're migrated. Partnership expired in the meantime? tough. can't help you. Wait and then maybe you'll be able to regain your competency (yes, I know it's changed to ISV. still, you have to be able to REGISTER YOUR CERTIFIED PRODUCT SOMEWHERE!!!!


End of rant. Maybe somebody in Microsoft that actually gives a **bleep** about partners will take notice.



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