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NCE Migration Issues

Recently, we were informed that we had to migrate all of our legacy CSP licenses for our customers over to NCE (New Commerce Experience).  We are an indirect reseller and go through distribution for licenses.  All of our legacy products were on a month to month subscription (so we could make user count changes as necessary). 


I inquired with the team there on how to migrate the licenses and was sent instructions.  She stated very clearly that all the licenses would be moved to a similar subscription and that we could change the renewal dates (if needed).   When we migrated all our licenses (30+ customers with 1200+licenses) we were not given an option on which NCE subscription it would be moved to.  When I inquired with the Microsoft Cloud Manager, she said that it would be the same license within the NCE portal.  Come to find out that all of our licenses were migrated over to a "Annual Paid Monthly" subscription.  On the surface, this sounds OK.  I have no problem with an annual commitment but I need to make changes to the user count on a monthly basis.  But dig a little deeper and it really means that you can no longer make changes to the user count (unless it is to add a license).  


Again, I contacted my Microsoft Cloud Manager and she informed me that "If the customer is outside of the 7 day cancellation period, unfortunately, we cannot make any changes until the renewal date".  This was never mentioned originally and we were well outside of the 7 day grace period.  


Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue?  I asked them if I could cancel the subscription and purchase new licenses (knowing that I would have to reapply every single license).  My cloud rep is unresponsive to any of my requests at this point.  

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