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Incentives Co-op Claim

Is it just me experiencing such a bad service when trying to make a claim or is the whole process one big con to make you think that you can make a claim, but you end up giving up completely because the system is floored?


I have 2 claims in at the moment and just going round in circles with them. They don't seem to understand UK date format, so the dates on the PDF's of the invoice/receipts seem to be alien to them, and they are then asking for the format to be changed in the name of the pdf to the US format of 11/28/2022 even though you can't have "/" in a file name. The other claim was rejected because the extract out of partner center of our skills report has supposedly invalid skill's ID even though they are what has been provided by Microsoft.

I've asked them in the note to ring me before next week as I've got to the end of my patience with a process that seems to not be able to be completed. I get the impression from the quality of the English that these are handle by a call centre in Asia somewhere and they lack and ability to think for themselves.

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