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Cannot complete Hardware Developer Program registration - page loops.

I have been trying to get support form Microsoft for the past 4 weeks now and I am still unable to get this issue resolved - hoping someone here can help. 


Prior to July 2021 in order to sign a Driver it was simply a matter of obtaining an EV Certificate. Now however Microsoft have stuck their finger in the pie and it is necessary to go via them. 

Fine if their website and process actually worked. 


The problem is as follows ; 

a) Log in to

b) Select the Home icon

c) scroll down and select Add Program

d) scroll down and under Hardware on the right side select Get Started. This is apparently the process you need to apply for to get a .sys type driver signed

e) Read the blah blah and click Next

f) *

This next page can either hang on Country or populate correctly. It's random. Refresh if it is hanging. 


Now you should see your partner details fully populated. 

Click Next

And the page just refreshes. Doesn't matter how many times I have tried. 


I have tried this from different browsers, different machines, even in Private mode (incognito etc)

The process is stuck here and I cannot get it to continue.

I'm desperate as we cannot proceed and this is holding up the release of the application. 


I am hoping someone can duplicate the process and let me know if you get to the next page or are stuck there as I am. 




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