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IAMCP Social event in April - new seats available

Dear Microsoft Partner,


We have new seats available for the IAMCP Social event as the attention and interest have been huge.


Once again we welcome all Danish and Icelandic partners to signup for this IAMCP event. The topics are Modern Work and Security, your experience as a hacker, and a finale with old Danish tradition.


There are still limited seats and even if you get a confirmation we take the opportunity to decline if needed. Packages will be sent in week 16 so we are sure you will receive them before the event. 



No show fee DKK 500,- so please only signup if you know you will attend. 


Still, let us get your input to the new Partner blog on our homepage where you can contribute yourself if you send an email to


Have a great weekend.


Antonio Bibovski

President - IAMCP DK

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