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NEW! Partner Incentive to support growth in SMB customers (unmanaged) - Get $1000 for driving $1500 monthly spend

Good Afternoon and thank you to those who joined us on the Azure Partner community call. 


As mentioned on the call, we're happy to announce a new UK Partner incentive that's focused on driving incremental ACR to existing and net new customers via the CSP model. 


How to Earn

• Any customer with Azure Consumed Revenue of less than $1,000 per month is considered to be an ‘eligible customer’. The period being considered for this criteria is from July 2020 to February 2021.

• When assessing the ACR for a customer during this period, all Azure based subscriptions are consolidated, including those held with different partners (where applicable). This includes Enterprise Agreements and Web direct spend. 

• If, during the campaign period, a customer’s ACR (via CSP) for a single month exceeds $1,500 with a single participant, that customer is considered to be a ‘win’.


Incentive Opportunity

• For each ‘win’, the associated partner will earn a one-off incentive of $1,000.

• In the event that the customer exceeds the $1,500 threshold with more than one eligible participant during the campaign period, the incentive reward will be paid to the participant with whom the revenue exceed $1,500 first (month).

• If the customer’s revenue exceeds $1,500 with two or more eligible partners during the same month, all partners with receive the incentive reward.    

• Participants will be paid at the end of the campaign.


Enrollment Process

To enroll, you must raise a support ticket from Partner Center under Incentives and request to added to the Eligible Partner List for Campaign "LC001433". 

You will need to include a contact name and email address for this campaign. This should be your incentive 

You will also need to provide your MPN Location ID (Not Partner One ID) It's the same ID used for your Core CSP Direct/Indirect incentives. 


Upon confirming your details, you will be added to the EPL. An email will then be generated with the Campaigns full T's and C's and you'll see the option to accept the incentive within Partner center.  


Please note you will not receive the Campaign Invite straight away. It could take up to two weeks to appear in Partner Center however you just need to be added to the list before the 15th of May, 2021 to qualify. This means you can start driving the incentive today! The invite will simply state 'campaigns' and will not reference 'LC001433' or the name of the incentive (see attached slide) 


This incentive is UK only and doesn't apply to Indirect Providers. Direct and Indirect Partners are included. 

Also the incentive is rebate only meaning you will receive the full value, the amount doesn't contribute to Partner earned Co op. 


For more guidance please use the appropriate support channels: Partner Center (microsoft.com)

The above information is for guidance only, please review the full terms and conditions of the campaign for the full details. 

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