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UK Partner Zone Discussions

A dedicated area for UK Partners to connect around readiness events and content at a local level.



In 2020, a research team led by Microsoft and Dr Chris Brauer, Goldsmiths, University of London uncovered a £48B opportunity for UK firms to boost competitiveness while building sustainable growth.


Building on the Creating a blueprint for UK competitiveness research, they have gone further to understand the specific opportunity the Microsoft UK Partner Network has in driving competitive change. Join us at the virtual Partner Executive Summit on 10 -11 February where we will explore the crucial role the Microsoft UK Partner Network has in driving this opportunity in 2021.


Day One – 10th February 4-5pm

James Chadwick, General Manager for Commercial Partner and Angela Evans, Partner Strategy & Marketing Director will be joined by some of the UK Executive Leadership team including Gavin Jackson, Enterprise Commercial Lead and Clare Barclay, CEO, Microsoft UK. They will discuss the new research that shows the contribution Partners can make to the UK economy through incremental changes to enhance competitiveness.




Day Two – 11th February 11.30-2.15pm

On Day Two, there will be multiple breakout sessions for you to choose from including Solution Areas, Industry and other important topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, and a chance to hear from the IAMCP.


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We look forward to seeing you there!

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