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Unable to make payment for action Pack and renew MPN subscription.

I have been unable to pay for my MPN renewal. Both Credit card and wire transfers are not working. When trying to pay with Credit card the portal give an error "Your order was declined. Please verify your information".  All supplied information is correct and My credit card even gets a charge which remain in pending state for a few days and eventually it gets refunded back to my credit card.


When I try to make the Payment with Wire Transfer, the payment is returned with in 24 hours with Error "Invalid Account Number".



My Technical Benefits have been cancelled and I no longer have access to many services including support and this is placing huge strain on my Company.  I can not contact support as they no longer take inbound calls due to Covid-19.  And no one has responded to the support ticket I raised.


This is the worse support experience I have EVER had.   Can someone in the community help?




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