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Partner account verification problems - support not responding.

I have created a ticket for this (2011240040000671) but I am not receiving any sort of responses at this point and have two potential clients waiting...don't want to lose one or both of them and would appreciate some help.


I tried to set up my partner account and passed through to business verification before failing.  I read that Microsoft wants sole proprietors to use the owner's legal name for the business name so I updated things with my name.  After that, the process started over but I somehow got stuck on employment verification, which doesn't make sense...if the name and company name are the same, who would they verify with other than myself? 


It was asked to provide proof of domain registration (other than the txt file I had already put into the DNS for my domain) so I sent a pdf of the domain registration receipt back in the ticket but I'm not getting any sort of response.  To try and make things easier I have now also added the business documents required for business verification....all have my name and my DBA name.


Help, please?!?  Is there something else I can do?  More importantly, is this what can be expected of support for the partner network?


Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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