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How find a sponsor for the Microsoft for Startups program?

Going to the https://startups.microsoft.com/en-us/partners/ page it says these are a few of the "hundreds of leading investors, accelerators, innovation hubs and other startup-enabling organizations" but there is no contact information. Also they all seem to be minority or woman owned, or location specific such as SF or the Pacific NW. This is our second startup, and both used Azure, SQL Server Enterprise and are based 100% on Microsoft technologies. The first start was extremely successful and this one promises to be as well. We are an already funded, software complete, startup that meets all the program criteria as far as I can tell, so how do we find a sponsor so we can get a referral Id and apply for the MfS program? Is there any way to find location specific sponsors? A list of all the sponsors? Happy for someone to contact me regarding sponsorship. Thanks!

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