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How to take advantage of new GTM Offers and Marketplace Rewards functionality in Solution Workspace

We’re excited to have launched another function of Solution Workspace, providing more of the resources you need to build your solutions to market and grow sales in one place.


Partners with a Microsoft competency, ISV partners with a co-sell ready solution, ISV Connect partners, and partners with a published solution in the Microsoft commercial marketplace now have access to start working on Go-To-Market Offers and Marketplace Rewards. You’re now able to access these benefits in the same space that you’re building solutions.


Many of the elements that make Solution Workspace useful are integrated in this new experience. Eligible go-to-market offers and rewards are organized into cards, which you can expand for more information and filter for quick searching. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll find your applicable go-to-market offers and rewards situated beneath your solutions on the My Solutions landing page.




By selecting an individual card, you’ll be able to view details about the offer or reward, download an example if applicable, and check out the value it can bring to your company. The Workflow portion of the card is where partners start acting on offers or rewards.



Once you’ve started acting toward the benefit, you’ll be able to easily track your next steps, keeping a record of your progress while you work directly with Microsoft marketing experts to take full advantage of Go-to-Market Offers and Marketplace Rewards.




Back on the My Solutions landing page, you’ll be able to track all your eligible, completed, expired, and in progress offers and rewards through an easy color-coded system.


Whether you’re just starting to work toward Go-To-Market Offers and Marketplace Rewards or accessing your existing offers or rewards, we think that you’ll find the new experience intuitive and easy to use. Members of the Microsoft Partner Network can log in now to explore this new aspect of Solution Workspace.


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