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Business Readiness EP Enhancement Plan offer for Business Central

The Business readiness enhancement plan is a breadth enhancement plan offer for Business Central aimed at nonprofits who need additional payment flexibility while maintaining breadth payments the same but spreading it across the annual period while providing exposure to Business Central. Some of the benefits include:

  • Renew BREP through CSP
  • Price equal to customers BREP renewal
  • Dual use and downgrade right
  • Monthly business option
  • Full enhancement plan benefits
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud Licensed when ready to migrate

Please note that Nonprofits are eligible but they do not get a discount on top of this promotion discount  This promotion discount is on par with Business Central charity pricing that already exists today. 

Begin the process:

  • If you are not yet a CSP partner, please begin the process here
  • Purchase Licenses on CSP for Customer. Utilize the designated SKUs (per policy) to purchase on the CSP-EP offer
  • Gather Required Information including CSP order confirmation (Order Start Date, Offer Name, Quantity), Customer’s CustomerSource account number and CSP Tenant ID, Partner’s MPN ID and PSBC account number (if applicable)

Submit a case:

  • SPA partners: Submit a case to Ops through PSBC. 
  • Non-SPA partner (no access to PSBC):   Submit the case to the ROC

Maintain compliance:

  • Partners are responsible for customer compliance
  • Compliance checks conducted monthly
  • Partner contacted by Operations to resolve license deviation
  • Customers which become inactive on CSP revert to EP and subject to lapsed fees
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