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Designing a Path to Cloud Migration and App Modernization on Azure with VMWare Tanzu

Cloud migration and application modernization efforts are being undertaken globally. Companies are looking to adopt new digital experiences for their customers, migrate old workloads to the cloud to take advantage of the elasticity of cloud scaling, and look to upgrade old legacy systems that are critical to the operation of their business. All of these efforts are very important to the future success of businesses, however, they can often be risky, complicated, and just downright hard. 


In this webinar, hear from VMWare and Microsoft Commercial Marketplace experts on the technologies and practices that will help you tackle your cloud migration and app modernization challenges. We will cover: 

  • Typical challenges companies face and the patterns and practices to tackle them
  • Real-world examples of companies that have successfully adopted these patterns and practices
  • How this fits into the Kubernetes landscape, including a demo of what it can look like for your organization

Upon the completion of this webinar, you will have a basic framework that will help you navigate your cloud migration and app modernization journey to help drive concrete business results. 

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