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I am having difficulty renewing a MAPS subscription.  The following error is received: 


One additional step is needed to validate your account. Our account team is on standby and ready to help you. Please contact us with this reference number: 715-123160 and transaction ID: blah blah blah.


I submitted a support ticket a month ago and the only responses I have received say "A pleasant day to you. I just want to give you an update regarding this escalated case. As per our Engineers, your access will not be reactivated as it does not satisfy Microsoft systems or security criteria."  


When pressed for the criteria that isn't met, I am only told "Apologies if that is the only information we can provide from our Engineers."


This ticket was escalated with basically the same respones.  My business's partner profile indcate that the verification status is authorized.  I am at a lose of what to do next.  Any suggestions?


Thanks for the help.

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