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Paid add-in submissions to AppSource for SaaS apps

Is Microsoft Appsource moving away from allowing SaaS ISV's to sell their products on Appsource? I noticed the following announcement related to Web Apps and wondered if it applies to SaaS Apps as well.


There is an upcoming change in how O365 apps are being published. web apps are no longer accepted via the Seller Dashboard.   Office 365 web apps will be published via the Cloud Partner Portal instead.


Starting July 29th 2019, we will no longer accept new paid add-in submissions to AppSource. Customers will be able to purchase Existing paid add-ins in AppSource until January 2020. They will then be hidden from the store, but still be available for existing users. If these add-ins have not been migrated by July 2020, they will be removed from AppSource and for existing users. For details, see Moving from paid to free add-ins.

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